Pellets & Bolts

Sussex Armoury produced a number of pellets, the majority of which were for 'general' use, the exception being their Sussex Spitfire .20 which were produced specifically for the .20 Hi-Power.


The above tubs are the 'classic' Sussex Armoury pointed pellets. The tubs with green writing are.177, the ones with red writing are .22

The tub below is somewhat rarer, I have only seen a handful. These were marketed via stickers on pistol boxes, they are called 'Lightweight Pellets' on these stickers.

The below were marketed 'for all types of air weapons'. Note the different types and the change in tin colours once again keeping the red for .22 and green for .177 theme.


Like I said, they just keep turning up!

The below were marketed for the .20 Jackal Hi-Power.


The Jackal Impact pellets below are rare indeed. I have never actually seen one of these tins myself, this image was plucked from the internet (I don't know who owns the image, but if its yours and you don't want me to use it, please drop me an email and i will remove it).

I don't know how long these were produced for, but they do not appear as part of the Sussex Armoury Pellet Sampler seen below.


I'm not sure the below were Sussex Armoury or not, but may have come from the spin-offs Pheonix Arms or Centrepoint. The pellets on top are in a plastic tub like those used by Scalemead at the time but unmistakably carry the "jackals" at the top, the bottom pellets are in a tin. The pellets are the same in both and are more pointed than the original Jackal pellets in the long tubes.


The Pellet Sampler

This is the only one of two Sussex Armoury pellet samplers that I have ever seen. Interesting is the Military Match which is a wadcutter, again I have never seen a tin of these. The Pellet Sampler uses the same plastic wheel design as the Pellet Dispenser - see below.


Ballistic Bolts

Above were Sussex Armouries solution to customers who liked to shoot darts but didn't want damage their rifled barrels. The Ballistic Bolts came in .177 and .22 as seen in the photos. As you can see they came in a selection of garish colours.





Jackal Darts

Sussex Armoury were always happy to supply what the punters wanted, here is a pack of their own brand 'competition' darts!


Pellet Dispenser

The Sussex Armoury pellet dispenser was a rotary design intended to stick the the stock of you air rifle. A couple of boxes full of these came up from somewhere recently and can be purchased from either the Relics or the Protek Supplies websites.


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